Published Works


ArtAscent is an international art magazine that showcases both art and writing from around the world. I have been featured in their magazine once as a Gold Writer for the poem The Empty Bowl and multiple times as a Distinguished Writer.



Haiku Journal

Haiku Journal offers a place for poets to submit work using the ancient form of poetry known as Haiku. This journal is full of contributors from all around the world and thus has a very diverse selection of poems.



Poetry Quarterly

Poetry Quarterly publishes a new collection of poems four times a year. Their publications feature poets from all corners of the globe and feature a wide diversity in style. There are no free versions of this publication online but you can buy them from the Prolific Press Store. Check out my poems The Human Mosaic, Remold Tomorrow and The Echo of Unspoken Words.



Tanka Journal

The Tanka Journal looks for poems done in the Tanka style.  This form of writing originates in Japan and was often used as a way of writing love letters.  You can learn more about this style of poetry by clicking here.



Three Line Poetry

The website Three Line Poetry challenges poets to create a poem in only three lines. This allows for a very diverse selection of poems to share ink.




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