Softly the Locust Hum


Thank you Three Line Poetry for including my poem in your publication. The Prolific Press team continue to churn out excellent collections of poetry.  Keep up the amazing work. Check out my latest poem for free in Issue 45

If you are looking for a set of poems to add to your library, this volume can be purchased from the Prolific Press bookstore here: Issue 45

Below is a little summary of the poem and a bit about my intentions when writing it. Please read the poem before you continue with this post. I feel that it’s important to experience art.

Softly the Locust Hum

I have mentioned many times that I enjoy the limitations of creating three line poems. The intent is to create a strong visual image and evoke emotion within the reader with as few words as possible. The first line in the poem is supposed to fill the readers ear with the sound of tiny wings buzzing. It also foreshadows what is coming in the next two lines, while creating a sense of unease. Locust are often used as symbols of decay, hardship and punishment. That is why when these creatures go unheard and unnoticed, the devastation that is coming is even more foreboding. One of the ideas I was trying to express with this poem was the disconnect between humans and nature. The two have become so separate, that it becomes difficult to see the looming threat. Even if it provides ample warning.

Thank you again to Prolific Press for all your continued support and thank you to those who inspire me to keep on writing.

-Zach Agnew