New Poem – The Once Familiar Street

Sorry for the delay in posting about this poem, as I should have posted about it a month ago. There is a good reason for this, as I am now the proud father of a one-month-old child! Thank you Prolific Press/Three Line Poetry for including my poem in your publication. This is a special issue that has taken a snapshot of our current global crisis, by putting our shared experience into as few meaningful words as possible. Check out poets from around the world reflecting on their Covid-19 experiences in the latest issue of Three Line Poetry.

The Once Familiar Street looks at what it was like for me in the early days of the pandemic. I found myself as one of the few in my city who were still going into work every day. It was a bizarre and uneasy feeling to walk down a street, that I have trekked back and forth on for years, and have it feel like an unwelcoming and unfamiliar place.

Thank you  Three Line Poetry and stay safe everybody.



New Poem – The Glow

It has been a while since I have posted anything and it feels good to be back writing again. Thank you Prolific Press/Three Line Poetry for including my poem in your publication. It was a very welcome boost in these trying times. It feels like it has been years since I wrote this poem, but my saved file claims it was December.

The Glow is a short poem that taps into the feeling of screen addiction, that many of us suffer from. It is especially relevant these days as we are constantly refreshing our device of choice in search of news or just something to make these dark days pass.

I must say that the artwork for this edition is awesome. This may just be due to the fact that I have been playing way too much Animal Crossing, but it still brought a smile to my face. Keep up the good work Three Line Poetry and stay safe everybody.



New Poem – The Sun Teeters

Thank you Three Line Poetry for including my poem in your publication. The Prolific Press team spends many hours looking through poems and always manages to put together great journals. Keep up the amazing work. Check out my latest poem for free in Issue 44

If you are looking for a set of poems to add to your library, this volume can be purchased from the Prolific Press bookstore here: Issue 44

I have also decide to start talking a little bit more about the poems that get published. Just to provide a little more insight into the creative process. So please read the poem first! It is always important to experience any form of art with as little influence as possible.

The Sun Teeters

This may be a short poem, but for me it represents a couple different ideas. At its base, it is simply a poem about changing seasons and how our days shift around the solstices. Our days grow longer or shorter depending on the year. One of the main concepts to take away from this poem is our relationship to change. The sun teeters, as if it is hesitant to change, in my mind this is because it fears the coming of the long night. It has been growing in strength, but now it must give way to the next cycle. It also knows that it must continue, as that is its purpose.

Thank you again to Prolific Press for all your continued support and thank you to those who inspire me to keep on writing.

-Zach Agnew

Issue 44