New Poem – Lines of Grey

Thank you Three Line Poetry for including my poem in your publication. As always, it is full of talented poets from around the wold. The Prolific Press team works hard to put together this journal and I appreciate all you guys do. Check out my latest poem for free in Issue 43 

If you are looking for a wonderful set of poems to add to your library, this volume can be purchased from the Prolific Press bookstore here: Issue 43

Also while you are here, let me know what you think of the new website design and layout! There are some new and exciting things coming soon!!!

New Poem – The Curious Observer

Thank you Haiku Journal for including one of my poems in the latest issue! It is always a a pleasure to be a part of such a fine collection.  Check out my Haiku in the latest issue: Issue 51

If you feel like supporting this journal, you can purchase the latest issue here: Issue 51


New Poem – Crimson skies glow bright

Thank you Tanka Journal for including my poem in your collection. It is always fun to try writing in a different style of poetry as it challenges you to think differently about what you are writing. The tanka style originates in Japan and it was often used as a short form way to send a message that expresses romance, desire or gratitude. If you want to learn more about this style click here. Check out my latest poem for free in Issue 5


New Poem – Fog Bank Fox Trot

Thank you ArtAscent,  it is an honour to be included in your latest collection. This issue attempts to capture the fleeting idea of bliss in its many forms. My poem looks at how bliss can appear within the depths of a foggy night, when two strangers find comfort in a tender embrace.  Check out Fog Bank Fox Trot on page 66 for free: