Crows Gather in Mass

Tan 6

Thank you Tanka Journal for including my poem in your collection. It has been fun to discover a new style of poetry. The tanka style originates in Japan and it was often used as a short form way to send a message that expresses romance, desire or gratitude. If you want to learn more about this style click here. Check out my latest poem for free in Issue 6

If you are looking for a set of poems to add to your library, this volume can be purchased from the Prolific Press bookstore here: Issue 6

I am including a brief exploration of this poem, to provide a little more insight into my creative process. Please read the poem before you continue with this post. I feel that it is important to experience art.

Crows Gather in Mass

Tanka poems usually have two sections to them and this poem is no exception. The first part of the poem has crows gathering before the dawn. They represent the edge of darkness that lingers before the sun rises. The second part of the poem shows the crows becoming guides as the shadowy figures retreat, bowing to the new day. This poem attempts to create powerful and explosive imagery as two forces exchange control of the sky.

Thank you again to Prolific Press for all your continued support and thank you to those who inspire me to keep on writing.

-Zach Agnew