New Poem – The Glow

It has been a while since I have posted anything and it feels good to be back writing again. Thank you Prolific Press/Three Line Poetry for including my poem in your publication. It was a very welcome boost in these trying times. It feels like it has been years since I wrote this poem, but my saved file claims it was December.

The Glow is a short poem that taps into the feeling of screen addiction, that many of us suffer from. It is especially relevant these days as we are constantly refreshing our device of choice in search of news or just something to make these dark days pass.

I must say that the artwork for this edition is awesome. This may just be due to the fact that I have been playing way too much Animal Crossing, but it still brought a smile to my face. Keep up the good work Three Line Poetry and stay safe everybody.




New Poem – Last Light

Thank you Three Line Poetry for including Last Light  in the 50th Issue of your publication. It is always an honour to have one of my poems included in a collection. Three lines seems like a very small amount of space to create a poem, but it is just enough to paint a picture in the minds eye and move the heart.


New Poem – Fleeting Stillness

I apologize for the delay in posting this news. It is an honour to announce that my poem Fleeting Stillness was selected as one of the judge’s choices in the Drummond Poetry Contest. This contest is held annually by the Spring Pulse Poetry Festival and it collects poems from all across Canada. To find out more information about this organization, please visit their website here:

Dr. William Henry Drummond was a poet who specialized in writing dialect verse poems. His work gained international renown around the start of the 20th century and he is considered to be one of Canada’s first national poets. He was a pillar of his community, running silver mines and serving as doctor. That is why in 1970, the town of Cobalt, founded the Drummond Poetry contest to honour his legacy.

My poem, Fleeting Stillness, explores the everyday moments of beauty that we often miss. It looks at how both the natural world and human world are able to transform each other and the importance of this balancing act. This is one of my favourite poems, partly because it was one of those pieces that took a long time to construct and i spent a long time playing with it until it felt right.

Thank you again to the Spring Pulse Poetry Festival and David Brydges for putting together this anthology. Also a big thank you to the Keith Inman, for taking time to review all of the submissions. It is truly an honour to share ink with such talented Canadian poets.


Cover Design: Carol Cormier

Crows Gather in Mass

Tan 6

Thank you Tanka Journal for including my poem in your collection. It has been fun to discover a new style of poetry. The tanka style originates in Japan and it was often used as a short form way to send a message that expresses romance, desire or gratitude. If you want to learn more about this style click here. Check out my latest poem for free in Issue 6

If you are looking for a set of poems to add to your library, this volume can be purchased from the Prolific Press bookstore here: Issue 6

I am including a brief exploration of this poem, to provide a little more insight into my creative process. Please read the poem before you continue with this post. I feel that it is important to experience art.

Crows Gather in Mass

Tanka poems usually have two sections to them and this poem is no exception. The first part of the poem has crows gathering before the dawn. They represent the edge of darkness that lingers before the sun rises. The second part of the poem shows the crows becoming guides as the shadowy figures retreat, bowing to the new day. This poem attempts to create powerful and explosive imagery as two forces exchange control of the sky.

Thank you again to Prolific Press for all your continued support and thank you to those who inspire me to keep on writing.

-Zach Agnew

Newspaper Article About Upcoming Fire and Sky Book Launch

Here is an article that discuss the upcoming book launch and the poet who put together this fantastic collection:


Fire and Sky

I am honoured to announce that one of my poems has been included in the Fire and Sky Anthology. This collection of poems was put together by David C. Brydges to raise money for the Wood Buffalo Regional Library in Fort McMurray. The book contains a wide variety of poems that examine themes of loss and recovery, renewal and hope, adversity and triumph, and most importantly poems about the Fort McMurray fire and its aftermath.

Please join me and my fellow poets for the Calgary book launch of this title. The launch will be at the Contemporary Calgary Art Gallery on December 10th from 8-10pm. You will have the opportunity to hear readings from the book, including my poem A Spark of Hope, as well as hear a performance from violinist Moyo Williams.