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New Poem – Fog Bank Fox Trot

Thank you ArtAscent,  it is an honour to be included in your latest collection. This issue attempts to capture the fleeting idea of bliss in its many forms. My poem looks at how bliss can appear within the depths of a foggy night, when two strangers find comfort in a tender embrace.  Check out Fog Bank Fox Trot on page 66 for free:


New Poem – Blank

Thank you ArtAscent, for including one of my poems in your latest collection. This issue once again explores portraits. I enjoy that they keep bringing this theme back every year, as the way we see ourselves and those around us is constantly evolving.  Check out Blank on page 64 for free:


New Poem – Shelflife

ArtAscent has given me another chance to share one of my poems and once again I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity. This issue features the colour green in all of its glorious shades. Thank you to everyone who continues to support me on this journey, I truly appreciate each and everyone of you! Check out Shelflife on page 69 for free:


New Poem – Silhouette of Sleep

Thank you ArtAscent for featuring one of my poems, it is an honor to be featured in your magazine with so many great artists and writers. This issues theme was Portraits and it is fascinating to see the many faces of humanity. Check out my new poem Silhouette of Sleep on page 32 for free: